• Arizona Cypress

    Arizona Cypress Cupressus arizonica ssp. arizonica

    This is a native Texas evergreen with a height of up to 90 feet. The trunk generally reaches 2 feet in diameter and will have unique blue-gray foliage. The tree can be seen in the natural settings of deep west Texas and Big Bend National Park.

  • Bur Oak

    Bur Oak - Quercus macrocarpa

    A  large deciduous tree being able to reach 80 feet in height; however, the spread is generally less than 30 feet when mature. The leaf of a Bur Oak can be 12 inches long and over 4 inches wide and have different shapes on a single tree.

  • Pecan

    Pecan  Carya illinoinensis

    Who does not love the state tree of Texas.  The Pecan can rise 120 feet in height and with a 75 foot canopy. This is quite an impressive tree. It will take a good amount of space to grow, so take that into consideration when planting Pecans.

  • Shumard Oak

    Shumard Oak - Quercus shumardii

    A large forest tree reaching heights of 100 feet or more and a trunk to 3 feet in diameter, with a wide-spreading, symmetrical crown. The Shurmard is drought tolerant after established and does well in alkaline soils.