Live Oak

Live Oak Quercus virginiana

A Live Oak is considered a medium size tree because of its height, however;  this tree will take a large area to grow because of its canopy. The canopy of a Live Oak can spread to well over 100 feet and its short stout trunk can be up to 4 feet in diameter.

Because of the short trunk and limbs very close to ground level, the tree will inhibit growth under the canopy. Live Oaks are evergreen and have a fairly rapid growth rate with moderate water needs. This tree will tolerate salty well water, drought conditions and the nice alkaline soil found in Parker County. This is a great tree to have on property if there is enough space. Also, the tree is known for developing a surface root network and can sometimes create issues if too close to hardscapes. This tree can be subject to Oak Wilt disease. Any pruning needs to be completed between December 15 and February 15; this will insure the insect which causes Oak Wilt will not be present.

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