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Start a Junior Master Garderner (JMG®) class in your area


1. Identify a JMG Leader/Teacher

This can be a classroom teacher, home school parent, youth leader, or anyone interested in working with youth. The JMG leader does NOT have to be a Master Gardener. If a JMG leader needs garden resources and information they can contact their local county Extension service for gardening support.


2. Identify a group of youth

This may be a classroom, school group, 4-H club, home school group, or an after-school program. The program is flexible and can be offered to many different groups and in many different environments. A JMG group must have minimum of FIVE youths.


3. Obtain the JMG curriculum

Contact the Parker County Master Gardeners Association, as a Junior Master Gardener Program is in place in Parker County.


4. Register your group of youth

Register your group with the Parker county program


5. Dig In and Get Growing!