The Dirty Dozen (Our Founding 12)

Parker County Master Gardener History


Neil Collins is the person to whom we owe our thanks for the Parker County Master Gardener Association being in existence today.  In 2000, Neil discussed organizing the PCMGA with Jon Green, Parker County Extension Coordinator.

With a persistent attitude, Neil and others would be Parker County Master Gardeners convinced Mr. Green to allow the organization to form.  Neil also checked with members of Tarrant County Master Gardener Association who lived in Parker County to see if there was interest in either being PCMG members or keeping a dual membership of the two chapters. Neil Collins and eleven others banned together to charter new Master Gardener chapter.  These twelve original members are lovingly called “The Dirty Dozen”.

The Dirty Dozen
Ann Anderson Bill Newhart
Neil Collins Alyce Preble
Marlene Deaton Brenda Proctor
Jackie Hoover Esther Proctor
Gay Larson Jim Saunders
Debra Limbocker LaDonna Stockstill
       Leadership Thorough The Years
Year  President
Vice-President Treasurer
Secretary Immediate Past President Directors
2000 Neil Collins
 Jackie Hoover Alyce Preble
2001 Neil Collins  Jackie Hoover Alyce Preble
2002 Jim Saunders Jackie Hoover  Bill Newhart

Catherine Hill

Debra Limbocker

2003 Jim Saunders LaDonna Stockstill  Bill Newhart  Debra Limbocker
2004 LaDonnaStockstill
 Melanie Anderson  Sue Swanson  Kate Measure
2005  Homer Babbitt  Dianne Bleau  Iola Messinger Gloria Young  La Donna Stockstill
2006  Homer Babbitt  Jerry Parr  Iola Messinger  Judy Schmidt  La Donna Stockstill

Grenetta Bledsoe,Lee Ann Nave, Susan Showalter,

Carol Ann Stroud

2007  Kate Ebbs  Darlene Chapman  Dorothy Babbitt  Kathy Feagan  Homer Babbitt

Grenetta Bledsoe,Karen Brown,Susan Showalter,

Jean Lane

2008  Judy Schmidt  Karen Brown  Jerry Parr Karen Floyd  Homer Babbitt Melanie Anderson,Dianne Bleau,Jean Lane,Charlsie Colvin, Iola Messinger
2009  Kathy Feagan  LaDonna Stockstill  Jerry Parr  Teresa Blackburn  Judy Schmidt Dianne Bleau,Linda Fewell, Karen Floyd, Iola Messinger
2010  Judy Schmidt  Cynthia White

 Helen Sisney

Catherine Miller

Charlsie Colvin Kathy Feagan Foster Clayton, Linda Fewell, Karen Floyd, Gloria Young
2011  Patti Lankford  Cynthia White  Catherine Miller  Karen Lail  Judy Schmidt Foster Clayton, Becky Johnson, Iola Messinger, Gloria Young
2012  Karen Lail  Becky Johnson  Barbara Calderon  Deborah Corcoran  Patti Lankford Jacque Brock, Linda Fewell, Dianne McMahan, Iola Messinger
2013  Karen Lail  Terri Stokes  Kimberly Dietz  Joan Lipscomb   Patti Lankford Jacque Brock, Cheryl Cox, Cyndi Goodwin, Dianne McMahan
2014  Jerry Parr  Terri Stokes  Karen Lail  Iola Messinger Karen Lail Cheryl Cox, Cyndi Goodwin, Pat Posener, Sue Swanson
2015  Jerry Parr  David McClellan  Karen Lail  Liz Street  Karen Lail Pat Posener, Sue Swanson, Lee Ann Nave, Iola Messinger

Growth Throughout the Years


The first year the association was formed the Master Gardeners donated funds to have an operation budget. Projects were started at Aledo, and Chandor Gardens. Master Gardeners would work the phones answering questions from the public concerning horticultural issues. Twelve active members got the organization off the ground.


With Neil Collins president, by laws were written and and the first plant sale was held. We lost a few along the way and our numbers were down to 9 active members.


With the numbers moving downward, president Neil Collins and Jon Green held the first Intern class with 26 signing up for training. A Speaker’s bureau was formed and programs were now going out to the public. The first scholarship were given out to individuals attending specialist training.


Under Jim Saunders leadership a second Intern Class of 15 was held. Meeting were held one a month and things started to take off.


LaDonna Stockwell was elected president. Our numbers were such that committees were formed. An association handbook was written. The website was established and an Advisory board established. Clark’s Garden was added as a project. In the spirit of giving back to the community a yearly collection was establish to donate gifts and essentials to the residents of Park View Apartments. A large intern class was held that year. Awards were giving out at the end of the year. Master Gardener of the Year was LaDonna Stockstill, Sprecial Merit to Neil Colins, Extra Mile Award went to Lee Ann Nave, and the first state award, a first place in ‘Botanical Guide for Chandor Gardens.


Homer Babbit was voted president and new bylaws were written.  With 27 active members, an executive board was established and new project at Springtown was set up. Willow Park was reestablished and The Real Dirt was published. An open house was held at the Extension office demonstration gardens. Plus, an intern class of 39 was held. The board voted to add Immediate Past President to board. Awards for the year were: Master Gardener of the Year: Kate Lake, Intern of the Year: Dorothy Babbitt & Leslie Grady, Extra Mile Award and Volunteer of the Year: Lee Ann Nave, Special Thanks Award: Jerry Parr, Special Merit Award: Gay Larson.
State Awards: 3rd place Project Award “Water-wise Demonstration Garden”, 1st place Publication Award “The Real Dirt”-a
Gardening Handbook for Parker County, 1st place “Successful Gardening in Parker County”


Homer Babbitt remained on as president. A new project called the Literary Garden at the Weatherford Public Library was established. With our numbers at 59, another intern class was set up. An Intern Coordinator’s position was created to assist Jon Green and help with training. With a rain water tank installed for rain water harvesting classes on rain water collection were held. The board added four director positions to the board. Awards for the year: Master Gardener of the Year: Homer Babbitt. State Awards: 1st place Educational Program “Rainwater Harvesting Seminar”


Kate Lake become our new president and the Administrative Procedural Manuel (APM) was written replacing the older documents. The National Vietnam War Museum became a new project. With 53 active master gardeners, a small class was held with 13 interns. Master Gardener of the Year: Linda Fewell and Intern of the Year: Ron Jackson. State Awards: 2nd place Graphic Award- “The Real Dirt” on Landscape Design


President was Judy Schmidt. A Herbarium retreat was held and the Herbarium began.
Phone duty 3 days
First fall plant sale
First annual gardening calendar began
Master Gardener of the Year:
Judy Schmidt
State Awards:
2nd place Medium  Association, 2nd place Project City of Azle Central Park, 2nd place Publication Award-Calendar
64 Active Master Gardeners