Bur Oak

Bur Oak – Quercus macrocarpa

A  large deciduous tree being able to reach 80 feet in height; however, the spread is generally less than 30 feet when mature.The leaf of a Bur Oak can be 12 inches long and over 4 inches wide and have different shapes on a single tree. 

The Acorn of the Bur Oak sets it apart from all of the other oaks. The acorns are large, almost golf ball size, with a fuzz cap.  Native to the Blackland Prairies of central and north Texas. This tall somewhat slender tree is commonly seen in river bottoms or on hillsides.  The Bur Oak has a slow growth rate and are extremely drought tolerate due to its long taproot. Being one of the longest living oaks in Parker County, it has shown not to be resistance to Oak Wilt disease. If your lawn has the space, this is an exceptional tree. 

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