Arizona Cypress

Arizona Cypress Cupressus arizonica ssp. arizonica

This is a native Texas evergreen with a height of up to 90 feet. The trunk generally reaches 2 feet in diameter and will have unique blue-gray foliage. The tree can be seen in the natural settings of deep west Texas and Big Bend National Park.

It’s majestic size and color has made it a popular from Austin to the Oklahoma border. The Arizona Cypress is considered to be a low water user (drought tolerant) and fast grower. For Parker County, the alkaline soil will work well, as long as it drains well. Note this tree is not a recommended tree by the Texas Forest Service as it has not received a positive Firewise rating. For that reason, it is ill advised to plant this tree close to homes or out structures such as barns or stables.

Firewise: NO