1 Azle Central Park
Azle Central Park

Gazebo and entrance landscaping and many other areas in Azle's 28-acre central park.

2 Vietnam
The National Vietnam War Museum Gardens

The National Vietnam War Museum Meditation Garden w as the first of six memorial gardens to be constructed on the...

4 Annetta
Town of Annetta

As a designated Monarch Butterfly Waystation, Annetta has beautiful PCMG designed landscapes maintained year-round.

5 Aledo
Aledo Community Center Project

Perennials, trees, annuals, and shrubs, planted in six defined flowerbeds all surrounded by decorative bolders.

6 Weatherford Library
Weatherford Public Library Gardens

The plan called for stone edged raised beds with a drip system for each bed and decomposed granite walkways....

7 Ext Demo Gardens
Extension Demonstration Gardens

Located on Main Weatherford, there are eleven different themed gardens at this location for the public to enjoy and appreciate.

8 Willow Park
Willow Park Gardens

Berms, walkways, benches, vines, trees & other plants on Ranch House Road in Willow Park.

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Earth-Kind Gardening


Plant Disease


Landscape Design

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Butterfly Gardening


Dividing Bearded Iris


Great Plants for Winter


Growing Plant from Seed

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Who Are Parker County Master Gardeners?

Making a difference in the community.

Master Gardeners are members of the local community who take an active interest in their lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers and gardens. They are enthusiastic, willing to learn and to help others, and able to communicate with diverse groups of people.

What really sets Master Gardeners apart from other home gardeners is their special training in horticulture. In exchange for their training, persons who become Master Gardeners contribute time as volunteers, working through their Texas AgriLife Extension Service office to provide horticultural-related information to their communities.

Best of Parker County


When picking a tree for your lawn, take time to do your homework. Decide if you want the tree for aesthetics, privacy, or have a purpose…

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Lives longer than two years and has little or no woody growth. Hardy in Parker County, thrive in our soil and in our climate conditions.

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Plant that completes its entire life cycle within one year, and then dies. Recommended for drought, and resistant to most insects and diseases.

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A woody plant with more than one vertical stem proceeding from the roots. Shrubs are generally less than 20 feet tall.

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Become a Texas Master Gardener.

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Cultivated Wisdom

Insights from Master Gardeners

Butterfly Gardening

Which do you prefer: a flowerbed or a show-stopping garden? Me, I want a little piece of paradise that captures the eye as well as the heart.  I want the visitors to my garden to be just as spectacular as the flowers that live there.

Dividing Bearded Iris

Irises provide some of the earliest spring color in the garden, from white to purple too many other colors of the rainbow. Managed planting of individual irises, genetically programmed to bloom at different times of the year, can provide you with a succession of iris blooms over several months.

Great Plants for Winter in Parker County

If you think pansies are your only option for winter color, think again. Many Texas gardeners use a variety of plants to liven their gardens during colder times of the year.

Growing Plants From Seeds

Just imagine… a huge live oak tree grows from an acorn no bigger than a nickel. A watermelon grows from a seed half the size of a dime. Seeds can be as big as a coconut or as small as the lead point of a pencil.

Gardener’s Corner

Member Insights

“Preserving Our Heritage One Seed at a Time”

As many of you know I moved almost full-time to La Crosse, Wisconsin in August, 2012. In ever had been to Wisconsin so this was a new adventure for Tom and me.

Beneficial Visitors, Welcome Guests

Outside my kitchen window is a small herb garden where I have stashed a few tomatoes and peppers. It’s the place where I go for a breath of fresh air.

Don’t Have a Rose Garden; Have Roses in Your Garden

In 1867, Jean Baptiste Guillot created the first hybrid tea rose by crossing a China rose with a tea rose. Hundreds of new varieties followed.

Holiday Plants Become Lasting Treasures

Christmas brings a unique selection of plants that provide color and interest to your holiday decorating. Christmas cactus, poinsettia, amaryllis, and rosemary are just a few.