Bigtooth Maple

Bigtooth Maple

Bigtooth maple Acer grandidentatum

The Bigtooth maple is native of the Edwards Plateau and the Parker County area. This is an interesting small to medium tree. It can grow up to 50 feet and have a canopy of 30 feet. It works well in rough terrains and fairly drought tolerant.

At maturity the color can range from bright yellows to brilliant reds in the fall of the year to deep greens in the spring. If you have a limestone or rocky soil area, this tree will serve you well. Get it established with moderate irrigation. It is known to be disease and insect free.  The Bigtooth maple will also grow as well in shade as in open sun. If using well water, this tree can be salt sensitive. When purchasing look for a sapling with a strong central leader and some maintenance maybe needed to keep a central leader.   A true maple that can live for hundreds of years.

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