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Extension Demonstration Gardens

The AgriLife Extension Demonstration Garden, located at 604 North Main Street, Weatherford, TX, was one of the initial gardens established by the Parker County Master Gardener Association (PCMGA) when it was formed in 2000.

Multiple garden beds showcase an array of plants as they would appear in a residential yard. These beds are organized into sections designed for different conditions, including well-watered areas, dry spaces, shady spots, and full sun.

Throughout the year, the gardens undergo changes that reflect the seasons, so make sure to observe these transformations. Experiencing the plants in their natural setting provides a different experience compared to simply looking them up in a book.

Our garden features a variety of trees, shrubs, grasses, perennials, annuals, and native plants. Some plants are native to Texas, while others may have originated elsewhere but have adapted well to our region. Drip irrigation is used in some beds, while others are watered by hand. We employ mulching, fertilization, and amendments to enhance water retention and promote the health of the plants.

Periodically, the PCMGA offers internship classes that provide rigorous instruction, initiating a lifelong learning process for participants. Through education and demonstration, the Master Gardeners actively contribute to the community. Their first project outside of the classroom involves designing and landscaping a bed in the Extension Garden.

Working together in the garden beds is an exciting experience for the Master Gardeners. This time presents an excellent opportunity to ask questions and learn more about plants.

It’s worth mentioning that the AgriLife Extension Demonstration Garden is one of the nine gardens currently maintained by the PCMGA, and each garden possesses its own unique charm and character.