Chittamwood Sideroxlyon langinosum

This tree is commonly known as gum bumelia, woolly bumelia or woolly buckthorn. Grows in full sun, semi-evergreen. Mature size 60’x40’. This thorny tree blooms in summer in shades of white and yellow, followed by berries. Chittamwood is usually found in open woods or along fence rows in all areas of Parker County. It is well adapted to the blazing summer heat and is very drought tolerant. The tree is adaptable to most any soil type of the county.

The nearly evergreen leaves are thick and usually dark green on the upper surface, and white, gray, or tan underneath because of the numerous hairs. One-inch-long, oval, blue-black berries ripen in the fall and are a good source of food for area wildlife. This is not going to be an easy tree to find in nurseries. It has minimal ornamental value and is infrequently cultivated for landscapes to be utilized in wild areas, along property lines or in native plant gardens.


 Firewise: Designated by the Texas A&M Forest Service