PCMG – FAQ’s – Medium Trees

Live Oak

A Live Oak is considered a medium size tree because of its height, however; this tree will take a large area to grow…

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Crape Myrtle

Yes, Crape Myrtles come in sizes from 2 foot to 25 foot. For a recommendation in the tree section of this website, the discussion…

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This tree is commonly known as gum bumelia, woolly bumelia or woolly buckthorn. Grows in full sun, semi-evergreen. Mature size 60’x40’. This…

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Chinkapin Oak

The Chinkapin or Chinquapin, is a fair sized deciduous oak in the white oak group. At maturity this tree will reach 70 feet with a 30 foot canopy…

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Bigtooth Maple

The Bigtooth maple is native of the Edwards Plateau and the Parker County area. This is an interesting small to medium tree. It can grow…

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