Pill Bugs Eating Hostas

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My Hostas are under attack from Pill Bugs or Roly-Polies!

The best way to eliminate pillbugs (Armadillium vulgare) is to destroy their breeding and hiding sites. 

pill bugEliminate unnecessary piles of leaves, grass clippings and mulch. Flower pots, planters, dog houses, firewood, bricks or other objects that sit directly on the ground should be elevated to allow air-flow and drying underneath. Adjust irrigation systems so that the soil around your home has a chance to dry between irrigations. 
Pesticide sprays, granules and baits can help control pillbugs around your plants. Permethrin insecticide is more effective than acephate (Orthene) or carbaryl (Sevin) sprays. Other pyrethroid insecticides, such as cyfluthrin, esfenvalerate or lambda-cyhalothrin should also provide control. Always follow label directions, especially when applying slug and snail baits, as these products can be harmful to children and pets if misapplied.