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Will Azaleas Thrive in Parker County?

My Azaleas are not doing well? Is this normal for Parker County? Yes! Parker County soils are too alkiline for Azaleas or any of the plants in that family. Unless you are prepared to do extraordinary bed preparation and continue with special care for their life...

USDA Hardness Zones

The USDA Hardiness Zones establishes a baseline of average cold temperatures over several decades of record collecting. The zones were adjusted in 2012. Listed below are the zip codes for Parker County and nearby areas. Note all of the zips are in 8A except for one....

What Is The Tallest Tree in Parker County?

Texas State Champion Pecan N 32° 48.453 W 097° 46.705 14S E 614365 N 3630612 Quick Description: Largest pecan tree in the State of Texas Location: Texas, United States Date listed: 7/30/2006 8:26:23 PM Long Description: This awesome tree was the National Champion...