Deer Eating My Plants and Trees!

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Deer are eating my Crape Mytles and other plants!

Deer have basically three types of vegetation that they eat.

The first is their food of choice.. grasses, briers, and other young growth that is tasty to them.

Second is the rough stuff. Not as good as someone’s grass or plants, but still palatable and digestible. 

Third is the eating for survival! The first two are not available or in very short supply and the deer is hungry.

When deer get to the point they feel they are starving, they will eat just about anything form or vegetation. Most of these plants are plants they would normally not even consider eating.  That say, bark, young limbs, shrubs, are all fair game to fill a stomach.

An organic deer repellent some Master Gardeners have used with good success is:

Blended or mixed well

1 cup water

3 eggs beaten well

1/3 cup Tabasco sauce

1/3 cup liquid dishwasher soap

Mix well.. and put into a 1 gallon sprayer and fill with water. Spray your plants thoroughly.

Some have added beef bouillon cubes (dissolved) … deer do not like the smell of meat

The mixture will not harm your plants. It can be an irritant to your eyes and skin. Wear gloves and protective clothing. Do not spray into the wind.