Cicada Killer Wasp

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Cicada Killer Wasp
From late June to early October cicada killers, Sphecius speciosus can be seen buzzing around your home. This insect has the menacing appearance of a large hornet, but is really quite harmless. The female can administer a mild sting if handled roughly or step on with a bare foot. Otherwise, the female is not interested in harming humans. The males are territorial, and have no stinger. These bees are solitary, and have underground nests where they lay their eggs. The destructive cicada is the preferred host for the young hatchlings. Female cicada killers dig galleries in lawns, gardens or flower beds, where they lay eggs and provision the young larvae with paralyzed cicadas. This nesting activity may create minor temporary damage to lawns or vegetable gardens. However, no action on your part is necessary as this insect provides more benefit than harm. In addition to being a wonderful pollinator, the cicada killer removes numerous noisy and pesky cicadas from your lawn area. So, when a cicada killer buzzes by, just allow it to travel on it way, as it seeks out a cicada in the grass or on a tree.

Below is  of cicada killers digging the small holes you could see in your lawn or garden.


Cicada Killer Wasp heading down into burrow.