What Is The Best Way to Water Tomato Plants?

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What is the best way to water tomato plants and how much? Water must be available in sufficient quantities for healthy growth. Most vegetables do not like wet feet, but they all must have water on a regular basis. The most efficient means of watering is a drip irrigation system.

More water can be applied to the roots where it is needed by a drip system and there is less loss to evaporation than by any other method. In some areas of Parker County, this system will not work as well because the iron and calcium in the well water tends to clog up the emitters after a year or two. Since the tubing is relatively inexpensive, some people replace it every couple of years.

Water only when it is needed. When the top one-inch of soil is dry, it is time to water. Water long enough so that the moisture will penetrate to a depth of six inches. Check the soil moisture every two or three days and water as needed.