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I live about three miles north of the rock pit off of Bethel Rd. I feel like I could open up my very own rock quarry with the amount of rocks I dig up every time I put a shovel in the ground. They vary in size, small to very large and are white and kind of powdery, can you tell me what type of rock they are. I have been told that they are lime stone. Also if you have any ideas on how I may be able to repurpose them, it would be greatly appreciated. I have used them in rock beds, in the driveway, and even filling in low spots then covering with dirt. So any new ideas would be great.

Depending on the size of the rocks, I use them to line the borders of pathways and make dry stream beds. A problem with dry stream beds is that grass and weeds may grow up between the rocks. You can prevent this by using landscape cloth on the ground before laying the rocks. If the ground is sloping, you can make some small retaining walls or little dams in a rainbow shape and fill with soil to make a nice little bed using plants that will tolerate wet/dry soil like some of the native grasses.