Scale on Wintercreeper euonymus

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Scale can be a problem on purple wintercreeper euonymus although not as bad as on euonymus shrubs.


If you notice white or manila spots on the leaves of this groundcover, check the underside of the leaves and if you see scale you can control it. Also if the plants seem to always be dry and need watering, this can be another indication of pest problems. If the problem is just starting, spray the entire plants with a strong stream of water. Scale is sometimes very difficult to control with water because it attaches so tightly to the leaves and stems. Next go to a stronger control for the pest problem such as a dormant oil spray in the winter, summer-weight oil in the growing season (check the label for instructions). These oils are sometimes now called agricultural or horticultural oil. If this does not control the problem, you can use Orthene, check the label for instructions. Always check the underside of the leaves before going to another control because the scale may still be there but will be dry and flake off as opposed to being soft and still alive. If it is dry and flaky, you know you have controlled the problem.