Salvia/Sage Water Needs

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Do salvia planted in full sun need lots of water?

Salvias/sages do not require a great deal of water.

Over watering can rot the roots so we list them as either low water usages (supplemental watering only during periods of drought) or medium water usages (1 inch of water every 7-10 days-can be either rainfall or supplemental watering). If the plants are in containers, remember they may dry out faster and may require more frequent watering but make sure any salvia does not sit in water. If the salvias are wilted in the evening after having been in the sun all day, they should recover but if they are extremely wilted, you may want to give them some water at the base of the plants and not on the leaves because this can scorch them but if the plants are wilted in the early morning, you need to give them supplemental watering.