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Real Dirt Updates

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Updates to Our Book The Real Dirt

  To keep The Real Dirt current updates are provided via this webpage.
We sincerely appreciate you investing in our book and your gardening knowledge.


If you need a copy of The Real Dirt, it is available at the Parker County Extension office for $25.00

Perennials Diseases Trees Vines
Brazilian Verbena Helminthosprium Leaf Spot Smoke Tree Malabar Spinach
Purple Rain Sage  Hypoxlon Canker



Fruits,Nuts, Berries Roses Gardening Styles Weeds & Problem Plants
Watermelon Griff Rose Shade Gardening & Plants Grassbur Eradication
Rapistrum rugosum, bastard cabbage



On Table of Contents, please add Turfgrasses Page 123

On page 2 the number of plants on Ornamental Plants is 529 and not 500

On Ornamental Plants Index page 248 add Cotoneaster, 87