Killing Freeze on Tomato Plants

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Freeze killed my tomato plants, re-planting my plants will bloom too late to set a lot of tomatoes because of the heat factor. May I hit them with super bloom fertilizer and force them to bloom early and if so when should the super bloom be applied for max results? I would not recommend “over-fertilizing”, since it would tend to produce more rapid growth of the stems and leaves. This in turn would cause need for more moisture and nutrients than the root system could support. It would not necessarily cause them to bloom faster or more profusely. Re-plant tomatoes as soon as possible, then fertilize every three weeks with about a tablespoon per plant of a “balanced” fertilizer having approximately equal amounts of each of the three elements, can use something like Miracle Gro or other brand fertilizers labeled specifically for vegetables or tomatoes. It is important to not let the ground get too dry; so keep the ground moist without over-watering because this will cause blossom end rot. It is true that the tomatoes will quit setting fruit once the night time temperatures do not fall below 80 degrees but that is something we cannot control by using extra fertilizer or other measures. Some things we just have to live with. A good suggestion to prevent this kind of situation is to start the tomatoes in early March, but keep them in pots in a protected environment whenever a freeze is forecast, then plant them in the ground only after all chance of freezing is past. Homer