PCMG – FAQ’s – Salvia

Salvia/Sage Water Needs

PCMG - FAQ's - Salvia/Sage Water NeedsDo salvia planted in full sun need lots of water? Salvias/sages do not require a great deal of water. Over watering can rot the roots so we list them as either low water usages (supplemental watering only during periods of...

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When Do I Prune Fall Blooming Salvias?

PCMG - FAQ's - When Do I Prune Fall Blooming Salvias?Fall-blooming salvias such as leucantha should be pruned during the summer to keep them compact, reducing the need for staking. To make the job easier, use hedging shears, and remove only the spent flowers and a few...

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How to Prune Salvias?

PCMG - FAQ's - How to Prune Salvias?You may not want to bother removing the flower-bearing stems on many types of salvia that are grown for hummingbirds. These stems simply dry up by themselves and since our annual salvias generally do not produce seeds in great...

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Where To Cut Nemerosa?

Nemerosa blue salvia 'May Night' meadow sage and they need deadheading/pruning.  After the flowers of nemerosa fade and seeds begin to mature, you should prune stems to two active leaf nodes to encourage branching and repeat blooming. Plants may be pruned to...

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