Can Loropetalum Be Pruned, If So, When?

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Can I prune loropetalums and if so, when?

The growth rate of loropetalums (a member of the Witch Hazel family) varies considerably by variety. Some stay low, and more horizontal in shape, while others are taller and more open. Loropetalum, with variety names like Plum Delight and Razzle Dazzle, have become popular landscape plants. They have beautiful purple to maroon foliage year around (there is a green foliage one that is less common) and have wonderful hot pink fringe looking blooms (there is a white blooming variety). If they need pruning and some do, prune them after the first flowers have passed. They have been known to have scattered blooms off and on in the summer so don’t continue the pruning process. They do not bloom on the current season growth so annual heavy pruning will not improve your flowering.

If planting new loropetalums, look at the tag to see how tall they are supposed to grow, and plant the ones that grow to your desired height. Parker County is in zone 7b for cold and zone 9 for heat the loropetalum is a great plant for our area and it thrives in sun to partial shade.