Is there a list of Crape Myrtle by size? 

This list was prepared by the horticulturist at the City of McKinney, "America's Crape Myrtle City". 
Please visit their website for updates:

The Complete List


Miniature/Weeping: less than 3 feet tall
Baton Rouge (red)
Bayou Marie (pink)
Bourbon Street (red)
Chickasaw (lavender-pink)
Cordon Bleu (lavender)
Creole (red)
Delta Blush (pink)
Lafayette (lavender)
Mardi Gras (purple)
New Orleans (purple)
Pink Blush (pink)
Pixie White (white)
Pokomoke (deep pink)
Purple Queen (purple)
Sacramento (deep red)
World’s Fair (deep red)
Dwarf: 3 – 5 feet tall
Cedar Red (red)
Centennial (purple)
Cherry Dazzle (GAMAD I) (red)
Chica Pink (Monink) (pink)
Chica Red (Moned) (red)
Chisam Fire (red)
Dazzle Me Pink (GAMAD V) (pink)
Hope (white)
Mandi (red)
Ozark Spring (lavender)
Petite Embers (Moners) (red)
Petite Orchid (Monhid) (purple)
Petite Pinkie (Monkie) (pink)
Petite Plum (Monum) (deep purple)
Petite Red Imp (Monimp) (dark red)
Petite Snow (Monow) (white)
Pink Ruffles (pink)
Raspberry Dazzle (GAMAD II) (pink)
Royalty (purple)
Ruby Dazzle (GAMAD IV) (red)
Snowbaby (white)
Snow Dazzle (GAMAD III) (white)
Tightwad (Whit V) (red)
Tom Dodd (red)
Velma’s Royal Delight (purple)
Victor (dark red)

 xxxxxxx   Medium: 10 – 20 feet tall
Apalachee (lavender)
Burgundy Cotton (Whit VI) (white)
Candycane (pink/white)
Catawba (purple)
Centennial Spirit (red)
Christmas Time (white)
Comanche (pink)
Conestoga (lavender)
Cotton Ball (white)
Country Red (red)
Dynamite (Whit II) (true red)
Firebird (red)
Griffith Pink (pink)
Houston Red (red)
Lipan (lavender)
Low Flame (red)
Majestic Orchid (Monia) (lavender)
Near East (pink)
Osage (pink)
Peppermint Lace (pink/white)
Pink Lace (pink)
Pink Velour (Whit III) (pink)
Powhatan (purple)
Queen’s Lace (deep pink/white)
Raspberry Sundae (Whit I) (red/white)
Regal Red (red)
Seminole (pink)
Sioux (pink)
Tuskegee (pink)
William Toovey (dark pink)
Yuma (lavender)
Yvonne (pink)

Intermediate: 5 – 10 feet tall
Acoma (white)
America (red)
Caddo (pink)
Cherokee (red)
Cheyenne (red)
Christiana (dark red)
Dwarf Purple (purple)
Glowing Rose (pink)
Hopi (pink)
New Snow (white)
Okmulgee (dark red)
Pecos (pink)
Prairie Lace (pink)
Siren Red (Whit VII) (red)
Tonto (red)
White Chocolate (white)
Zuni (purple)



Tall: more than 20 feet tall
Arapaho (red)
Basham’s Party Pink (pink)
Biloxi (pink)
Byers Hardy Lavender (lavender)
Byers Standard Red (red)
Byers Wonderful White (white)
Carolina Beauty (red)
Choctaw (pink)
Dallas Red (red)
Fantasy (white)
Glendora White (white)
Kiowa (white)
Miami (pink)
Muskogee (lavender)
Natchez (white)
Potomac (pink)
Red Rocket (Whit IV) (true red)
Sarah’s Favorite (5570) (white)
Townhouse (white)
Tuscarora (pink)
Twilight (dark purple)
Watermelon Red (red)
Wichita (lavender)