Shantung Maple Acer truncatum

Native to China, the Shantung Maple is a small, rounded, deciduous understory tree that typically grows 20-25’ tall with a densely-branched, rounded crown features medium green leaves with triangular lobes. Leaves emerge reddish purple in spring but mature to dark green. A growth rate of 3 feet per year.

Good fall color features attractive shades of yellow and orange, sometime with purples and reds mixed in. Leaves may be truncate at the base as suggested by the species name. Leaf stems exude a milky sap when cut. Greenish-yellow flowers appear in April-May in clusters (corymbs). As with most maples, the flowers are not showy. Fruit is a samara (to 1.5” long). Sometimes also commonly called purple blow maple. Grows in full sun to partial shade, deciduous. Blooms in spring in shades of green and yellow. Unlike most, this maple will tolerate alkaline soil of Parker County. Young trees are subject to sunscald. Wrapping the trunk first 3 years to prevent sunscald could be advised if the tree gets direct late afternoon sun. Virtually pest and disease free. Great tree for medium size landscapes, that puts on spectacular show of color in fall. Summer leaf color is green; fall color orange, red, yellow.The Shantung Maple is designated as a Texas Superstar Tree by Texas A&M University.


Firewise - Designation by Texas A&M Forest Service

Texas Superstar Performance - Designation by Texas A&M Forest Service