To help in your decision making for selecting a tree, these entries have been divided three categories:

  • Small trees, under 30 feet in height need an area of less 120 square feet
  • Medium trees, 30-60 feet in height need an area of less than 180 square feet
  • Large trees, up to and over 70 feet in height need an area of over 180 square feet

Our Best of Trees for Parker County recommends only drought tolerant specimens. Granted, every tree needs an ample amount of water the first year of growth or during the time the tree is getting established. After that period, the tree should be able to do well with rainfall, and minimal irrigation. When picking a tree for your lawn, take time to do your homework. Decide if you want the tree for aesthetics, privacy, or have a purpose, such as, blocking an unsightly view. Consider the growing rate of the tree. All trees will take some time to mature and accomplish your goal. Some will take much longer than others. Remember, you do not want a tree that will over power the surrounding landscape or be a burden by needing continued attention. The list provided are trees that Parker County Master Gardeners prefer.



Shantung Maple

Shantung Maple Acer truncatum

Native to China, the Shantung Maple is a small, rounded, deciduous understory tree that typically grows 20-25’ tall with a densely-branched, rounded crown features medium green leaves with triangular lobes. Leaves emerge reddish purple in spring but mature to dark green. A growth rate of 3 feet per year.

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Lacey Oak

Lacey Oak Quercus laceyi

This is one of the smaller Oak trees, able to grow in sun to partial shade, deciduous. Mature size 30’x30’. Ideal for small yards. Leaves turn bluish gray in summer. Lacey Oak is native to the Edwards Plateau a region in west-central Texas.

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Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum

Rusty Black-Haw Viburnum, Virburnum rufidulum

Easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained loams and even in the soils of Parker County. Plant in full sun to part shade. Mature size 15 feet x 10 feet. Blooms in late spring with large creamy white blossoms, followed by berries. Plants generally grow denser in full sun. More than one plant should be used in order to facilitate proper pollination necessary for abundant fruit production.

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Goldenball Leadtree

Goldenball Leadtree Leucaena retusa

Grows in full sun to partial shade, deciduous. Mature size 15’x10’. Blooms periodically in spring in bright yellow puff balls, followed by long seed pods. Lends a tropical look to the landscape. Excellent small trees suited for providing light shade with a tropical look. Leaves are soft green with a slightly weeping aspect.

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