Best Shrubs for Parker County

These plants are highly recommended for our drought conditions and highly resistant to most insects and diseases.
Shrub: A woody plant with more than one vertical stem proceeding from the roots. Shrubs are generally less than 20 feet tall.
Deciduous: Plants that will die back in autumn or winter and return again in spring. Plants that return from the root may be pruned to the ground in early spring. Plants that return from the stem should be pruned sparingly to control the shape or size.
Low Water Requirement: Plants that can survive on rainfall alone, once established. These are our hardiest plants, and watering them too much may actually harm the plant. In general, these plants can survive on rainfall alone; and during drought with no more than one inch of rain every 30 days. When rainfall is absent for an extended period of time, or when it is absent during the hottest days of summer, these plants will benefit from supplemental water.
Drought Tolerant: These plants will perform best with one inch of water once a week (including rain). Once established, these plants are able to survive drought conditions when watering is restricted.

American Beautyberry

American Beautyberry Callicarpa americana

Grows in partial to full shade, deciduous. Mature size varies up to 6'x7'. Blooms in June followed by purple or white berries in fall. Drought tolerant. 2-2016

american beautyberryamerican beautyberry2

Buckthorn, Carolina

Buckthorn, Carolina Rhamnus caroliniana

Grows in full sun to dappled shade, deciduous. Mature size 15'x12'. Blooms in spring in white, followed by berries. Beautiful when pruned to grow into a tree. May re-seed. Low water requirement. 3-2015

Cenizo - Texas Sage

Cenizo - Texas Sage Leucophyllum frutescens

Grows in full sun, evergreen gray foliage. Mature size 7'x7'. Pink-purple blooms cover plant periodically in summer. Requires well drained soil. Some consider it a "rain indicator" because it flushes out in blooms when rain is eminent. Low water requirement. 3-2015

Chinese Fringe Flower

Chinese Fringe Flower Loropetalum chinense

Grows in full sun to partial shade, evergreen. Mature size 8'x6'. Pink, stringy blooms spring to fall. The large variety is the hardiest and best for our area. Deer resistant. May have iron deficiency in alkaline soil. Low water requirement. Loropetalum sometimes called 'Plum Delight' is an open habit evergreen shrub. Can be grown in sun or partial shade and does well if shielded from the afternoon sun. It does enjoy a more moist and well-drained environment with plenty of organic matter in the bed. 3-2015


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