Best Annuals for Parker County

These plants are highly recommended for our drought conditions and highly resistant to most insects and diseases.

Annual: Plant that completes its entire life cycle within one year, and then dies.

Warm Season Annual: Plants that germinate in the spring or early summer and come to maturity in the fall, producing blooms and seeds before the first freeze.

Cool Season Annuals: Plants that germinate in the fall, go dormant during winter, and grow to maturity the following spring, producing blooms and seeds before dying in the summer.

Low Water Requirement: Plants that can survive on rainfall alone, once established. These are our hardiest plants, and watering them too much may actually harm the plant. In general, these plants can survive on rainfall alone; and during drought with no more than one inch of rain every 30 days. When rainfall is absent for an extended period of time, or when it is absent during the hottest days of summer, these plants will benefit from supplemental water.

Drought Tolerant: These plants will perform best with one inch of water once a week (including rain). Once established, these plants are able to survive drought conditions when watering is temporarily restricted.


Wallflower Cheiranthus

Cool season annual. Grows in full sun. Mature size is 20"x15". Blooms February to May in shades of orange purple, red, and yellow. Drought tolerant plant.


Zinnia Zinnia augustifolia

Warm season annual. Grows in full sun. Mature size varies up to 3'x1.5'. Blooms in summer in shades of green, orange, pink, white, and yellow. Deer resistant. Low water requirement.