• Killing Freeze on Tomato Plants

    Freeze killed my tomato plants, re-planting my plants will bloom too late to set a lot of tomatoes because of the heat factor. May I hit them with super bloom fertilizer and force them to bloom early and if so when should the super bloom be applied for max results? I would not recommend “over-fertilizing”, since it would tend to produce more rapid growth of the stems and leaves.
  • Planting Date For Tomatoes?

    Spring Gardens:

    Tomato transplants should after the last normal freeze/frost date in Parker County.

    In spring the best dates are between March 25th and April 15th. If a late freeze/frost is perdicted cover your plants with a cloth material. Avoid using plastic material as the plant can not breath. If plastic has to be used it is best to remove it after the temperature is above 32°.


    Fall Garden

    July 1st and July 25th. Water new plants thoroughly and water often until plants are established. With some protection from cold and cold wind it is very possible to have fresh tomatoes as late as Christmas day. 





  • Recommended Vegetables & Guide for Parker Co.

    Planting dates apply to the Parker County area and refer to the planting of seed unless otherwise indicated.

    Listed cultivars were selected for their productivity, resistance to common diseases and adaptability to Parker County conditions. Proper watering, fertilization, weed control, etc., are necessary, however, if the desired results are to be achieved. Cultivars are listed at random, not in order of preference.

  • Tomatoes ~ Determinate & Indeterminate

    What is the difference between Determinate and Indeterminate tomato plants? 

    When purchasing tomato plants the tag should indicate whether the plant is Determinate (Det) or Indeterminate (Ind). Also, the tag should let you know approximate maturity date. And if all goes to plan, one will have tomatoes by that date.

  • Tomatoes Underside Turn Flat and Black

    Every year I try to grow tomatoes with little success. The undersides always turn flat and black.

    Blossom end rot is a deficiency of calcium. The problem starts at the bottom of the tomato as a pale, brown spot that turns black and flattens the bottom of the fruit.

  • What Is The Best Way to Water Tomato Plants?

    What is the best way to water tomato plants and how much?  Water must be available in sufficient quantities for healthy growth. Most vegetables do not like wet feet, but they all must have water on a regular basis. The most efficient means of watering is a drip irrigation system.

  • Why Are Tomatoes Really Fruit, But We Think of Them as Vegetables?

    Why are tomatoes really fruit but we think of them as vegetables?  In 1893, the Supreme Court ruled that the tomato must be considered a vegetable, even though, botanically, it is a fruit.