• How are Gulf Stream Nandinas Propagated

    (Gulf Stream nandinas were) originally propagated only by division. Tissue culture techniques, the propagation procedure where plants are grown aseptically in test tubes, was perfected, and almost overnight the dwarfs went from interesting novelties to landscape minion status.

  • How Does One Propagate Hesperaloe parvifolia?

    Hesperaloe parvifolia, Red Yucca, is a member of the Agave family. This native Texas plant is not really a yucca and the blooms are really a coral rose color.

  • How Does One Propagate Weeping Yaupon Hollies

    A popular method of plant propagation is by rooting your own cuttings the following is from an article by Skip Richter, Extension agent for Texas Cooperative Extension and host of “Gardening with Skip”, a weekly news segment provided free of charge by Texas Cooperative Extension, a state agency affiliated with Texas A&M University.