2023 Plant Sale

Our 2023 Annual Master Gardener Plant Sale is becoming a Parker County tradition. It will be Saturday, April 8th, at 

Heritage Park, 317 Santa Fe, Weatherford, 76086

Saturday: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. - rain or shineCASH or CHECK ONLY

Every spring, our Master Gardeners update the list of plants that are proven winners for the area. There will be a tremendous selection of perennials, herbs, vegetable plants, annuals, shrubs, and roses available to help get spring gardening off to a great start or to find replacements for any plants lost in the February Artic Blast.The Real Dirt 2021 03

Many of the plant varieties are native or adaptive to Parker County and are drought-tolerant. Some are ideal for butterfly gardens and can provide a waystation for migrating Monarchs and other butterflies. Some of the plants come from local nurseries, but most are grown by Master Gardeners in gardens in Parker County or propagated in our own greenhouse. Master Gardeners will be on hand with information and answers to your questions as well as to assist with your plant selection.

Proceeds from this annual sale go toward providing horticultural education to the citizens of Parker County and promoting sound horticultural practices in everyday gardening.

Download the colorful flyer here.

Master Gardeners are volunteers for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service who have completed at least 50 hours of horticulture training.

  • Are the Berries of Yaupon Hollies Poisonous?

    Short Answer, Yes.  Plants That Poison by Schmutz and Hamilton states that the poisonous parts on hollies are the berries. "The berries of all species are reported to be poisonous if eaten in quantity. The toxic principle is ilicin. Although not considered very poisonous, the attractive red or black berries should be considered dangerous to small children [and animals]."

  • Holly, "Burford"

    Holly, "Burford" Ilex cornuta x 'Burfordi'

    Grows in full sun to partial shade, evergreen. Mature size 20'x10'. Blooms in spring followed by red berries in fall. Watch for scale. Low water requirement. 3-17-2015

  • Holly, "Dwarf Burford"

    Holly, "Dwarf Burford" Ilex cornuta x 'BufordiNana'

    Grows in full sun to partial shade, evergreen. Mature size 6'x4'. Blooms in spring followed by red berries in fall. Low water requirement. 3-2015

  • Holly, "Possumhaw"

    Holly, "Possumhaw" Ilex decidua

    Grows in full sun to dappled shade. Mature size 15'x10'. Blooms March to May in shades of orange, red, and yellow followed by berries. A great shrub for interesting winter color. Be sure to purchase a female plant if you want berries. Low water requirement. 3-2015

  • What Is The Burford Holly Orgin?

    The Burford holly was discovered in Atlanta, Georgia’s Westview Cemetery in the 1900’s.