• Fertilizing Red Tip Photinia or Nellie R Stevens Holly?

    When should I fertilize my Red Tip Photinia and my Nellie R Stevens holly and what do I use?
    Red Tip Photinia are not a recommend shrub for our area because of the endosporium fungal leaf spot due to the higher humidity in our county, and the Nellie R Stevens holly is a top quality plant for Parker County.

  • Is Lava Rock A Good Mulch For Crape Myrtle?

    The problem with using a product like lava rock, as mulch is it is difficult to work around.

  • Killing Freeze on Tomato Plants

    Freeze killed my tomato plants, re-planting my plants will bloom too late to set a lot of tomatoes because of the heat factor. May I hit them with super bloom fertilizer and force them to bloom early and if so when should the super bloom be applied for max results? I would not recommend “over-fertilizing”, since it would tend to produce more rapid growth of the stems and leaves.
  • Meaning of the Numbers on a Fertilizer Bag

    The analysis is actually the three numbers you see on every fertilizer label – put there by law. These numbers represent the percentage (by weight) of the three major nutrients required for healthy plant growth, always in the same order: nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (N-P-K).

  • When Do I Fertilize Newly Planted Leyland Cypress?

    First always have a soil test on the area before planting any tree. Newly planted and younger trees should probably not be fertilized at planting because it can damage new roots, unless soil test shows need.