• Cucumber Transplant Issues

    I transplanted some healthy cucumber transplants. In a few days, the middle of the stems dried up no bigger than a string. Above and below the shrunken stem the plant looked healthy with diameter of the stems the size of a pencil. After a few days, tops of the plants suffered and died because no nourishment could get to the top. I raised the transplants from seeds in my greenhouse and they were healthy when I set them out with the onset of the problem appearing after five to eight days. What was the problem?

  • Recommended Vegetables & Guide for Parker Co.

    Planting dates apply to the Parker County area and refer to the planting of seed unless otherwise indicated.

    Listed cultivars were selected for their productivity, resistance to common diseases and adaptability to Parker County conditions. Proper watering, fertilization, weed control, etc., are necessary, however, if the desired results are to be achieved. Cultivars are listed at random, not in order of preference.