PCMG – FAQ’s – Succulents and Cacti

How Does One Propagate Hesperaloe parvifolia?

PCMG - FAQ's - How Does One Propagate Hesperaloe parvifolia?Hesperaloe parvifolia, Red Yucca, is a member of the Agave family. This native Texas plant is not really a yucca and the blooms are really a coral rose color. This being said, it is still a wonderful plant...

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When Can Red Yucca Be Transplanted?

PCMG - FAQ's - When Can Red Yucca Be Transplanted?Red Yucca Hesperaloe parvifolia are truly not a Yucca at all. This plant is a succulent in the Agave family. The answer to your question: just about any time you are ready to tackle the job. Succulents are a family of...

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How Do I Care For a Kalanchoe?

PCMG - FAQ's -How Do I Care For a Kalanchoe?How do I care for a Kalanchoe that was given to me as a gift? Your Kalanchoe is a wonderful succulent (it can be put outside during warm weather but will not withstand cold temperatures). It makes a great houseplant, if...

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