PCMG – FAQ’s – Succulent

When Can Red Yucca Be Transplanted?

PCMG - FAQ's - When Can Red Yucca Be Transplanted?Red Yucca Hesperaloe parvifolia are truly not a Yucca at all. This plant is a succulent in the Agave family. The answer to your question: just about any time you are ready to tackle the job. Succulents are a family of...

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Should I Deadhead My Kolanchoes?

Should I deadhead my Kolanchoes?As with most plants, it is a good idea to deadhead your Kolanchoes. It makes the plant more attractive and encourages new growth and future blooms. There is no need to leave the dead blooms on the plant because it will continue to...

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How Do I Care For a Kalanchoe?

PCMG - FAQ's -How Do I Care For a Kalanchoe?How do I care for a Kalanchoe that was given to me as a gift? Your Kalanchoe is a wonderful succulent (it can be put outside during warm weather but will not withstand cold temperatures). It makes a great houseplant, if...

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