PCMG – FAQ’s – Over Watering

Water Conservation Day

The City of Weatherford has declared October 8th as Water Conservation Day. Parker County Master Gardeners will discuss drip irrigation, composting, soil preparation, lawn care, and drought tolerant plants. First Monday Grounds from 10:00-2:00 p.m....

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Salvia/Sage Water Needs

PCMG - FAQ's - Salvia/Sage Water NeedsDo salvia planted in full sun need lots of water? Salvias/sages do not require a great deal of water. Over watering can rot the roots so we list them as either low water usages (supplemental watering only during periods of...

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Mexican Sage Turned White and Dying

PCMG - FAQ's - Mexican Sage Turned White and DyingI’ve planted six Mexican sage bushes through my property. Initially they were beautiful with purple flowers and now they’ve all turned white and dying. Mexican bush sage (Salvia leucantha) is drought tolerant but does...

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