Time Sheets are to be completed monthly and turned into the Master Gardener Office the first week of each month. There is a tray located by the window labeled for 'Time Sheets'. If you choose, time sheets can be submitted electronically by email. Time Sheets submitted electronically should be attached to an email sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Code Project Description

EX: Office phone duty, Administrative activities such as, Committee meetings, Timekeeper activities, Newsletter, Monthly meetings

CO: All approved Projects, Education outreach, Public education, WISD, Speakers Bureau, Youth outreach, Website, Plant sale

CE: Educational programs attended, Field trips, Educational programs at monthly meetings, Study groups, Research for handbook and programs presented

Note: College credit courses for Associate/Bachelor Degree are capped at 12 CEU's annually
For any activity not covered in the APM, contact the CEA, President or Timekeeper Chair for authorization prior to the activity

Timesheet (pdf) for Master Gardeners   Time Sheet (pdf) for Interns
Timesheet (xls) for Master Gardeners   Time Sheet (xls) for Interns