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Seminar Evaluation Instructions

There are two forms that help us to determine the effectiveness of our public educational events, the “Seminar Evaluation” and the “Seminar Evaluation Summary”.

When we speak to the public, we want their participation, have fun, ask questions, and learn something new. That’s one of our goals as an Association. We want them to learn new and productive ways to maintain their landscape; and more importantly, we want them to share the information with friends and neighbors.

Seminar Evaluation:
When you, as a Master Gardener, give a seminar or program, please provide an Evaluation form to each of the attendees before beginning the program, and let the audience know that there are seven simple questions you would like them to answer in order to determine the effectiveness of the event. When the program is finished, collect the forms and return them to the Extension Office. MG's can find blank forms in the wire basket above the computer. Return the completed forms to the same location.

Seminar Evaluation Summary:
The “Seminar Evaluation Summary” is for the Speaker and the Public Education Committee Chairperson to complete. The top three lines need to be completed by the Speaker. If Speakers want to complete the rest of the form in order to determine the effectiveness of the overall program, it will be very helpful. Otherwise the Chairperson will complete the rest of the form.

These two forms are our only method for determining attendance at our public educational events. Your numbers are critical to our “End of Year Report” that goes to the Extension Agent, the Commissioner’s Court, and TMGA. Please be certain to get your information reported accurately.


Seminar Evaluation Form in PDF                                       Seminar Evaluation Form in Word


Seminar Evaluation Summary PDF                      Seminar Evaluation Summary Word




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