PCMGA Projects

Located in north central Texas, The Parker County Master Gardener Association is an educational and volunteer program sponsored by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service of the Texas A&M University System. Please refer to the map for more information on many of our volunteer projects.

FM 1187 is the new entryway into the city of Aledo. There is a sense of pride as you travel along the landscaped median with Gulf Muhly grasses, burford hollies, crape myrtles that are interspersed with live oaks and cedar elms.

Just over the railroad tracks you notice the beautiful Neil Collins Memorial Rose Garden on the city hall property. It was designed, planted and is maintained by Parker County Master Gardeners. This project won second place at the Texas Master Gardener Association conference. There are 28 labeled roses in this rose garden. There are three climbing roses on trellises and arbors, groundcover roses and an obelisk with a pilar rose. They all have plant labels for identification and a bench to stop and smell the roses.

The “A” for Aledo is right by the entrance to the city hall building which is planted with Fall Asters and 500 Variegated vinca major plants are underneath the beautiful live oaks.

Across the street the Aledo Community Center and Park contains perennials, trees, annuals, and shrubs which are all labeled. These plants are on berms, arbors, trellises, and are surround by decorative boulders, a playground, volleyball court, picnic benches and tables with an open area to play.

The City of Annetta has a new building and location on 450 Thunderhead Lane. It is a challenge as many of you know to plant in our soils. The Parker County Master Gardeners are diligently preparing the soils, selecting plants, planting, adding drip and mulching. It is so exciting to see the transformation! We are busy planning a Monarch Butterfly way station on this property.

Come visit these gardens for Aledo at 200 Old Annetta Road and Annetta at 450 Thunderhead Lane. These beautiful landscapes are designed, planted and maintained all year; thanks to the Parker County Master Gardeners.